artificial intelligence, quantitative modeling, machine learning

From a one-off data analysis to a complete analytics strategy and solution implementation, FincLab's Advanced Analytics quantitative solution services are designed to deliver analytics success for your organization

For Any Data Problem

Proven technology that can be deployed today, adapts to any domain, and produces operational results in weeks.

Solutions For Modern Businesses

Build intelligence and automation into your business processes using the power of deep learning algorithms, automated anomaly detection, classifier systems and predictive modeling. Our services will help you design and deploy cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

FincLab’s data science team can deliver exploratory data analyses, statistical modeling, inferential statistics and segmentation services to solve your most complicated business challenges.

Our professional team can help you implement Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark and cloud platforms including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Real-time data feeds for global financial data


Why choose us?

1. Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated development teams and R&D centers to help develop software-based quantitative solutions and implement digital transformations.

2. Software QA & Testing

Reduce high downtime cost between releases and avoid lack of software testing effort during project peak loads.

3. Technical Support

Comprehensive 2nd and 3rd line product technical support for software and quantitative solutions across various segments.



It’s just like having another division of your business, but instead of being in your building, we are your analytics provider and outsourcing partner.

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Mining Alternative Data

Alternative Data

We bring undiscovered data from non-traditional publishers to investors seeking unique, predictive insights.

Core Financial Data

FincLab delivers market data from hundreds of sources, or directly into Python, R, Excel and many other tools. Get the data you need in the format you want.

US/AU Fundamentals

Core US fundamental data for over 12,500 companies, with 123 indicators. Updated daily. Up to 7 years of history.

Minutely Stock Data

Historical, Minutely US and Australian stock prices, dividends, adjustments and splits for all publicly traded stocks. Updated daily. History to 2006.